Friday, 26 August 2011


Today was just one of those days. Lots of scoring, lots of drama and lots of stress. Sometimes I dont understand why people join the sims community if they are so uptight about things. People need to seriously stop with the paranoia and the drama stirring. It's immature and annoying and i'm not going to participate in little kids stuff.

On another note, I've finished scoring YCQMOT (you can quote me on that) and tomorrow I have scores for hot or no & mythology to do. I also have to get started on doing my assignments for allure, and possibly start up my competition amongst being manager for 3 people for 'the agency'. I'm a busy girl I guess. I really hope i can get my sims game to load up CC so I can get back to doing what i love; editing.

RL: I'm also thinking of going back to college, I want to study some sort of graphics design course amongst general IT, Biology & Chemistry, but this is all planned for next year. Hopefully I'll find a job this year that will allow me to save up to finally be able to start college! Wish me luck!

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